A Ghost in the Daylight

I've got to say this outloud

It's a shame what they've done to her
These men who walk around proud
Don't give a damn who they hurt
She's been pushed to the ground
For way too long.

We've had enough
Now they're playing with an atom bomb
Standing hand in hand we're growing strong
Been treated like a ghost in the daylight for the very last time

Some me are filthy with power
For them everyone's just a play thing
They see all life as a game
But she's sick and tired of playing
They live by force and control
But her spirit's strong


When will you say you believe?
When it's your mother who says #metoo?
When will you say you believe?
When your sister comes to talk to you?
When will you say you believe?
When your daughter is too scared to tell the truth?
Will you only believe when it happens to you?





  • 18 Oct'18


    As mentioned in a previous post I continue to slow build this musical experience for my pleasure and the pleasure of sharing new (and old) songs with others. I'm so encouraged by the progress and the feedback thus far! Just to give you a short history, it was over 16 years ago I strode optimistically into Nashville TN with a bunch of songs, record label interest, songwriting connections, etc...

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  • 9 Oct'18

    More Ideas, More Plans

    Just recently switched music sharing to Reverb Nation. I really dig the service! Check out your options here - Jay Johnson Reverb Nation

  • 4 Jul'18


    New songs, website, etc...